Some Common Problems On PE Protective Film

- Aug 25, 2018-

Protective film is the object of the previous article, and there are already many related articles on the website. Therefore, in order to allow everyone to learn and understand multiple products at the same time, the following topics will be changed. Specifically, PE protective film is used to enrich the knowledge of everyone.

     1. PE protective film and wrapping film, what is the difference between them?

     The difference between the PE protective film and the wrapping film is mainly that the PE protective film is used for protection, and the wrapping film is thin in thickness and has strong tensile strength, mainly play a packaging role. Therefore, they are different in use, although they belong to the category of protective films.

     2. PE protective film, does it have a temperature limit?

     PE protective film, which has a temperature limit. In general, the upper limit can reach 80 ° C, but specifically, it depends on the aspect of time.

     3. Stretch film, which is similar in material to PE protective film?

     The stretched film, which is similar in material to the PE protective film. Because the film is stretched, it is added with a viscous auxiliary agent. Moreover, it is processed by casting. Therefore, its surface has a slight viscosity. And in terms of use, it plays a fixed role.