How To Choose Protective Film For Aluminum Panel?

- Jan 24, 2018-

In the current market, there are many different kinds of protective film for aluminum panel according to different surface. The adhesive strength and tensile strength for Protective film are produced differently in different manufacturers. When we choose Protective Film for Aluminum panel, we should pay attention to the following factors:
The first is to pay attention to the surface of aluminum panel. If the surface of aluminum panel is glossy, it will be ok to choose the film with low adhesion. If the surface is mat, you can choose medium or high adhesion.


The second is to consider the type of adhesive. When gluing the film, the adhesive will be enough dry through long dryer. Through this way, the film will be easy to use and left no residue.
In the current market, Protective film for aluminum panel are widely used in the current market. In the process of transportation, the surface may be scratched without protection. It will influence the appearance and the quality of the goods. In such cases, the proper use of protective film will be able to solve this problem. It will also improve the quality of the goods and increase market competitiveness.

The main characteristics of Protective film for aluminum panel are stable adhesive, easy to use, easy to stick, UV resistance, anti-aging, without any residue. They are suitable for all kinds of aluminum panel, aluminum profile.