How To Choose Protection Film?

- May 31, 2018-

When buying protective film, we need to consider the course of quality, price and customer service. Firstly, the quality is the key, which requires the buyer must have an understanding of their own use of the products. Secondly, the price, protective film is mainly used in product packaging, cost savings is to see how to spend the least amount of money to buy the best goods. Finally, customer service, the use of protective film is quite a long time, so the protective film supplier customer service is an important factor for buyers to consider.

How to choose when you buy?

When purchasing protection film, we need to pay attention to the following:

1. we should choose stable quality, good after-sales service of protective film products.

2. we should observe the appearance of the protective film quality, including color, transparency, viscosity, and whether there are crystal dots and holes in the protective film.

3. we should check the protective film function is reliable, flexible.

4. after the test, it is necessary to estimate the shelf life of the protective film. If it is a temporary protective film, see whether the protective film is left with residual glue after it is torn off.