Classification Of Protective Film

- May 09, 2018-

The protective film is divided according to its use, and can be effectively divided into different types. Now the protective film has become a generic name for screen protection, and the field of use of its products has also become different. The earliest high-definition scratch-resistant, now It is a functional protective film.

  During the process of pasting the protective film, the adhesive layer needs to make precise contact with the surface of the adhered material, and then flows into the groove of the adhered surface as much as possible, so that the area of the contact surface is effectively increased. High peel resistance The higher the peel rate, the higher the peel strength of the pressure sensitive adhesive. The

  The protective film is mainly used to lay a film on the physical object. Now, the functional protective film includes AG frosted anti-reflection film, anti-seeing film, AR anti-reflective film, mobile phone mirror film and high-definition scratch-resistant film.

   The protective film of PVC material itself is characterized by relatively soft texture and easy to paste, but the transparency of this material in the process of use is not good, mainly because the material is relatively thick, which will make the screen look more leaving a mark of glue on the screen after tearing off.

   The protective film of PVC material has been improved through a series of columns, which effectively solves the problems of heavy weight and poor light transmission. Such materials do not have the ability to resist scratching during use, and the protective film is used after being used for a period of time. There will be obvious scratches on it.

   The protective film of PET is electrostatically adsorbed, so it is easy to get rid of and bubbles in the process of use. However, even if it is peeled off and washed in clean water, it can be reused. PET material protection is applied to work and packaging. More beautiful.