Window glass film composition requirements and service life

- Nov 02, 2018-

The glazing film has an anti-friction layer when it is used. It is mainly composed of wear-resistant polyurethane in operation, and the hardness is up to 4H. The glazing film is mainly made of high-strength, high-transparency PET polyester and pigment melt extrusion and biaxial stretching. Because the pigment is sandwiched inside the PET film, it can prevent oxidative discoloration and has a life span of up to 8 years.


The window glass film is formed on the PET film by vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering of a metal nano-metal layer having high reflectivity to infrared rays, such as aluminum, silver, nickel, etc., which is composed of a polyurethane adhesive having good weather resistance and high transparency; Made up of UV absorber to block 99% of UV rays.


Transparent PET security base for glazing film

It is composed of high-strength and high-transparency PET polyester film. The purpose is to sandwich the metal layer to prevent metal oxidation and prolong the life of the metal film. The adhesive is composed of acrylate adhesive with good weather resistance and high transparency.