Wide application and protection of low adhesion stainless steel protective film

- Jun 17, 2019-

The low-adhesion stainless steel protective film adheres the product to the surface of various products and can effectively protect it from being stained and scratched during storage, transportation and processing. We can also laminate, slit, fit, and press form according to the length and width of the specifications required by customers.

Wide application of low adhesion stainless steel protective film

(1) Hardware and electronic products, plastic shells

(2) Surface protection of stainless steel and aluminum plates, glass mirrors, etc.

(3) PVC film, aluminum alloy, copper sheet, plastic, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.

(4) Surface protection of many types of objects such as speaker boards to prevent the finished product from being scratched or damaged.

The low adhesion stainless steel protective film refers to a film for temporary protection of the surface of a stainless steel product, usually a transparent color. The protective film is used for surface protection to prevent dirt build-up, scratches and tool scratches on the protected surface during the following operations, keeping the surface of the article as bright as new. Moreover, the surface of the stainless steel protective film can print characters and patterns to promote the surface.

When using a stainless steel protective film for filming, be sure to attach it to a clean, dry surface using a film coater. Moreover, when the film is applied, there is no bubble between the protective film and the surface to be protected, and the protective film cannot be excessively stretched (usually it is required that the elongation of the protective film should be less than 1% after the film is applied). At the same time, it is also stored in the original packaging when stored, and placed in a clean and dry environment.