Why the transparency of PE protective film is so good

- Jul 08, 2020-

1. Protective film manufacturers add a small amount of polyacrylate resin with good compatibility to PE protective films and other screen protective films with good compatibility.

2. In order to achieve higher transparency, 0.5-1% of homogeneous oil can also be added during production. The homogeneous oil is non-toxic and can be processed into a uniform and transparent colored substance with pigment powder.

3. The addition of a nucleating agent can also greatly increase the number of crystal nuclei available for crystallization at the melting point of the screen protection film melt, and the crystallization speed is accelerated, and the crystal particles are refined, so that the crystal does not affect the transparency of the film, so that Improve the crystallinity of PE and PP films, increase the strength of the film, and improve the transparency.https://www.pe-protectionfilm.com/