Why stick aluminum-plastic panel protective film

- Sep 04, 2020-

In fact, the principle and purpose of sticking aluminum-plastic panel protective film are the same as that of stainless steel coating or mobile phone screen filming. Protective films of various materials are used to stick to the surface of the product, mainly to protect the surface, avoid surface scratches and contact with oil, coating The film aluminum plate is suitable for products with demanding surface requirements. The aluminum-plastic plate protective film manufacturer uses a laminating machine to paste it on the smooth aluminum plate without crystal spots, bubbles, and no degumming. Various types of coated aluminum sheet products can be processed according to user requirements.

Advantages of the protective film of aluminum-plastic composite panel: After the film is processed, the aluminum plate has a certain ability to resist scratches. For example, due to the soft texture of aluminum during the handling process, minor scratches often appear, resulting in surface defects. If the film will be better in this respect, minor processing will not cause this problem. For example, in the process of cutting, bending and other processing, to ensure a good surface, it is recommended to use filmed aluminum. Aluminum plates with high surface requirements can be directly filmed in the Kaiping equipment, so that there will be no scratches during packaging and transportation, and static electricity problems can be effectively avoided.

Since we all have to stick films, we of course think that this will certainly not be a superfluous performance. When we choose products, we try to choose the aluminum-plastic board protective film on the surface, which can better reflect the protection of our products.https://www.pe-protectionfilm.com/