Why should the protective film be pasted on the car glass?

- Sep 18, 2020-

1. Heat insulation and sun protection. The protective film attached to automobile glass can block the large amount of heat generated by infrared rays.

2. UV protection. The medium-wave and long-wave of ultraviolet rays can penetrate very thick glass, and most of the ultraviolet rays can be blocked by attaching a thermal insulation film. Prevent skin damage and reduce the aging of car interiors.

3. Safety and explosion-proof. The base layer of the protective film is polyester film, which is very resistant to tearing and breakdown. With the adhesive layer of the protective film, the strength of the glass after the protective film is attached can prevent accidental breakage of the glass and damage to the crew.

4. Create a private space. Choosing the right variety, after sticking the film, you can usually not see the inside of the car clearly, but you can see the outside of the car inside the car, retaining privacy and safety.

5. Reduce air-conditioning and energy consumption. The loss of refrigeration capacity of the air conditioner can be compensated by attaching a thermal insulation film, which can instantly reduce the temperature in the car and achieve a certain degree of fuel consumption savings.

6. Increase beauty. According to personal preference, the beautiful car can be personalized by sticking a protective film.

7. Anti-glare. Reduce accidents caused by glare factors.https://www.pe-protectionfilm.com/