Why is the stainless steel protective film widely used?

- Apr 02, 2018-

We know that the most common method of protecting the surface of a material is to apply a protective film of stainless steel on the surface of the material to be protected. The PE protective film is the most widely used material in the packaging film and is mainly used for product packaging, product surface protection, and product composite applications. PE protective film is not only widely used, but also as a stainless steel protective film, its use in the stainless steel industry is very large.


The so-called stainless steel protective film, in fact, based on polyethylene (PE) as the substrate, with environmentally friendly water-based acrylic adhesive or oily adhesive as a binder, together with a specific auxiliary through the blown film, printing, coating, rewinding, slitting , packaging and other processes obtained. The flexibility of the protective film is very good, and the “wetting” speed of the surface of the adhered stainless steel is fast, the peeling strength of the adhesive sheet is low, the stability of the pressure-sensitive adhesive is good, and no chemical reaction occurs on the surface to be attached. Does not cause adverse effects.


With the development of the stainless steel industry, stainless steel protective film products have also been rapidly developed. Although it is only a thin film, it effectively protects the stainless steel products from damage during transportation, storage, and processing and installation. And the specifications of the protective film can be rewinded and cut according to the customer's needs.


According to the requirements of different users, the specifications and colors of stainless steel protective film products also include many kinds. The main colors include transparent film, black and white film, milk film, blue film, milk white film, yellow film, yellow white film and black film. PE protective film is the material of choice for surface protection such as stainless steel, plate, glass, etc., affordable, stable adhesion, and good peeling performance.


In short, the use of stainless steel protective film effectively improves the secondary processing yield of stainless steel products. At the same time, the correct use of stainless steel protective film not only improves the appearance quality of the product, facilitates material processing, improves the utilization of the material, reduces the production cost of the product, but also improves the brand image of the company.