Why does the protective film have residual glue

- Nov 04, 2020-

1. Human factors

At first glance, the protective film is very simple. It's just a thin piece of plastic. Irresponsible newcomers can easily have this idea, thinking that any film can meet the needs of film protection for their products.

[Anti-static PET protective film] There is still a lot of professional knowledge. For example: a high temperature resistant protective film is required in the process of high temperature; be sure to keep the film surface free of oil, banana water and other chemical residues before applying the film, otherwise it will easily cause the residue to chemically react with the glue and cause degumming.

2. Internal factors of glue

According to the residual condition of pressure-sensitive adhesive on the protected surface and substrate, the phenomenon of residual adhesive on the protective film can be divided into the following three situations:

(1) Cohesive destruction: There are pressure-sensitive adhesives on the protected surface and the substrate, and the adhesive surface of the protective film loses its luster.

(2) Adhesive base damage: There are more rubber residues on the protected surface, and the base material can be seen on the rubberized surface of the pe protective film.

(3) Migration residue: There is a small amount of pressure-sensitive adhesive residue on the protected surface, and the gloss of the PE protective film coating surface remains good.https://www.pe-protectionfilm.com/