When using the film people will find that the product

- May 22, 2020-

When using the film, people will find that the product will produce a certain viscosity when it contacts the surface of the article, and these are because the special coating is added to the inner layer of the film, so it will stick to the surface when contacting the object If the coating is not uniform enough, the protective performance of the film will be reduced, so users must pay attention to the quality of the product when using the film.

In the process of purchasing Wanhao protective film, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the coating of the film is uniform and whether the thickness of the film is reasonable, because there are many films that are thick, but they may not meet the actual use requirements. Then it may be easy to fall off, which not only can not achieve the protective effect, but also leads to unnecessary waste.

In addition, the protective film is also susceptible to the influence of temperature. If the indoor temperature is relatively low, the viscosity of the film will change accordingly, so that the film is also easier to detach from the surface of the object. When sticking the film to the object, care should also be taken to avoid air bubbles. The film should be laid flat on the surface and pressed flat by hand, so as to prolong the use time of the film.