What to pay attention to when buying PE protective film

- May 01, 2020-

1. Abrasion resistance: The liquid crystal protective film is used to protect the screen, so its own abrasion resistance must be high. Especially for some mobile phones with handwriting input, the wear resistance of the film is even more important. Generally speaking, the higher the wear resistance, the higher the smoothness.

2. Light transmittance: The protective film with poor light transmittance can damage the eyes. Under normal circumstances, the illuminance of the LCD screen itself is already very low. Pasting a layer of film will increase eye fatigue. The transparency of high-quality mobile phone film is about 95%, while the inferior quality is below 80%.

3. Easy to stick: The high-quality film can be automatically pasted on the premise of ensuring the screen surface is clean without bubbles. More importantly, high-quality films are mostly electrostatically pasted, without the need for glue, and can be used repeatedly or even washed. In general, the inferior film has glue on the back, so it can never be used repeatedly, not to mention washing, it will also affect the screen.