What should be paid attention to when using protective film?

- May 20, 2020-

When using a protective film, care should be taken to keep the surface clean. For example, when using the film to protect the electronic screen, if the surface of the film is stained, it should be cleaned in time, and it should be prohibited to contact corrosive reagents with the film, which is easy to cause A chemical reaction occurs, which affects the service life of the product. In addition, when sticking the film, it is necessary to use it according to the operation steps of the product. It is also very important to avoid the generation of air bubbles during the film sticking.

Many people usually ignore the influence of temperature on the film during the process of using the protective film. When the temperature in the environment is too low, the film is easily affected by low temperature to reduce the viscosity, so users should use these films when using the film Knowledge is understood. When affixing the film, you must choose a suitable film to attach, and you must have a full understanding of the material and characteristics of the film.

When using the protective film, it is necessary to avoid dust on the surface of the film, and also avoid direct contact with the surface of the film, because these will easily affect the cleanliness and viscosity of the film, and bubbles may easily occur when the operation is not careful Therefore, these application methods should be paid attention to.