What is the difference between PE protective film and PE electrostatic film?

- Mar 10, 2020-

The bonding layer of the PE protective film must be of electrostatic adsorption properties of silicon ions. The reason is that the compound glue is strong and not easy to peel off, and it is corrosive. If it is pasted on the LCD screen for too long, it will easily erode the screen surface and affect the display quality . The silicon ion electrostatic adhesive is mild in nature, and has no adhesive residue, no sticky screen, high temperature resistance, non-corrosiveness, can be repeatedly pasted and water-based cleaning on the LCD screen, which meets the objective requirements of safety, health, and easy operation.

PE electrostatic film products can be divided into the following standards in terms of raw materials and packaging: the main component must be a compound polyester PET product; reason: it has optical transparency and does not affect viewing vision; the surface of the protective film must be above 3.5H Hard coating treatment: The surface of the protective film treated by the hard coating can effectively prevent the wear and tear damage in daily contact or cleaning, and ensure that the protective film is as bright as new.https://www.pe-protectionfilm.com/