What are the excellent characteristics of silicone furniture protective film?

- Mar 23, 2018-

In comparison, silicone furniture protective film has the advantages of good light transmission, high temperature and fire resistance, easy cleaning and long service life. And this silicone furniture protective film also has a slight scratch repair function, and has radiation protection, in line with modern people's requirements for green health fashion and so on.


The main characteristics of silicone furniture protective film can be summarized as:


1, silicone furniture protective film has a good transparency, which can be a good display of the furniture surface lines and colors, and can protect the furniture as permanent new paint.


2, silicone furniture protective film has a good thermal insulation, and has a strong wear resistance. Therefore, we don't need to worry about scratches on the surface or burn out the paint when using furniture.


3, silicone furniture protection film also has a good ability to decontamination, the surface is very smooth, good viscosity, no movement, no sticky oil, easy to clean. In other words, it can provide good surface protection to the furniture without affecting the true color of the furniture and the performance of the furniture. It is praised as the best protector of furniture.


So what is silicone protective film? In fact, this product is made of high-grade polymers with good transparency and a combination of noble metals (such as silver) and indium oxide. The outer layer is made of transparent acrylic and is very tough. The silicone protective film produced in this way has a high degree of transparency and heat insulation, and the surface is very wear-resistant.