What are the characteristics of Carpet film applicator?

- Mar 15, 2019-

The Carpet film applicator not only protects the surface of the product during processing, mechanical processing, transportation, assembly, storage, etc., but also enhances product visibility by printing a trademark on its surface. The carpet film applicator is made of polyethylene as a substrate, coated with pressure sensitive oil glue or water gel; including transparent film; opalescent film; black and white film; blue film; black film; green film and the like.


The carpet film applicator has printability, can print trademarks on the surface of the film, company logo, and also has high adhesion; anti-piercing and penetration function; easy to unwind; easy to tear and easy to peel, no residue. The carpet film applicator is suitable for touch screens of mobile electronic products, glass lenses, various panel manufacturing and surface protection of shipped products.


Carpet film applicators are widely used to protect surface materials and prevent static electricity during the production of FPC, PCB, and electronic components. In the actual application process, the carpet film applicator can not cut off the dust, and has excellent printing function and excellent use effect.