Use of stainless steel protective film

- Mar 21, 2020-

1: Balanced tear protection film. There are many kinds of stainless steel protection films, large and small. It is necessary to balance the tear protection film when using to ensure the uniformity of the protection film. In the process of tearing the protective film, it is like a thin layer of paper. If it is torn open unevenly, it is easy to break or lose the stickiness of the protective film, and it will be thinned in some places.

2: Stick it on stainless steel, don't tear it too much, use it as much as possible, stick it on the stainless steel, and then stick it on the stainless steel with a little force. Don't press or touch it by hand during the period.

3: Fix the protective film. How to fix the stainless steel when it is completely covered by the protective film? Here are a few ways. First, press firmly on the end of the protective film; second, stick it with transparent glue.

The above is the use of stainless steel protective film. Proper use is the best choice for long-term use of protective film.