Use and characteristics of Protective Tape For Aluminium Composite Panel

- Jan 14, 2019-

Aluminum composite board protective tape refers to a surface protective film tape, mainly a film tape used for the surface of aluminum composite board products to prevent scratches, dust or other damage. The aluminum composite board protective tape can play the role of temporary protection to protect the surface of all parts of the aluminum composite board product from being clean and flawless.


The aluminum composite board protective tape is usually made of polyvinyl chloride film as a base material and is made of special pressure sensitive adhesive material. It has the characteristics of easy tearing, no residue, good processability and good adhesion. It prevents wear and reduces damage to items.


In the production process, the dried aluminum composite sheet protective tape is first wound into a roll, and then cut to obtain various specifications of the product. The selection and use of this product should generally be based on the product being protected. After selecting the appropriate product, it should be noted that it is best to use the laminating machine to make the aluminum composite board protective tape overlay to achieve the best results.