Treatment of common problems of PE protective film

- Jun 22, 2020-

1. The problem that the PE protective film is not firmly adhered

The possibility of this problem is very high. The pressure-sensitive adhesive of the PE protective film has insufficient viscosity, the pressure does not meet the standard, and the surface cleanliness is insufficient. A

According to these circumstances, the higher method is to replace the pressure sensitive adhesive or film pressure to avoid similar problems.  

2. PE protection Generally, only when the PE protective film is stretched too much, the film will appear after encountering high temperature, which is used at the last two ends of the problem.  

It can be seen that the ambient temperature has a great influence on the bonding quality of the PE protective film. 

3. Degumming of PE protective film

This is a very common problem, that is, when the protective film is torn off from the surface of the profile, the protective film will show that the adhesive film remains on the profile product.