Touch screen protective film development prospects

- May 16, 2018-

"The main application of touch screen protective film is still on small and medium-sized electronic products such as mobile phones. The introduction of Ultrabook has a positive effect on the application of medium-size touch screen protective film." The application of middle-size touch screen protective film is currently focused on tablet computers. In other products, the introduction of the ultrabook will further expand the market space for mid-size touch screen protective film.

Years of technical reserves and market experience, especially the application of PET protective film technology, is expected to enable SUNSEA to exert its force early on large-size touch screen protective films. SUNSEA believes that from the perspective of technology application, a certain type of high-end brand or a certain type of product that is mainly promoted may have a glass protective film or explosion-proof protective film touch solution because of its market positioning; other more brand consumer products Electronic products may be more inclined to adopt a more cost-effective SUNSEA protective film touch solution.