The using guideline for using protective film for PVC profile

- Feb 07, 2018-

Protective film for PVC profile is a black&white polyethylene film with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on one side designed for use on PVC profile.  This product should only be used to protect  the surface from damage associated with remodelling, painting, moving or decorating. Always test Protective film on a small portion of  PVC profile. Testing should last at least 48 hours to ensure compatibility with particular PVC profile and to ensure that there is no adhesive transfer or damage to PVC profile.  To ensure that the PVC profile is thoroughly dry.

DO NOT LEAVE THIS PRODUCT IN PLACE FOR MORE THAN 45 DAYS, especially for extreme conditions of high temperature, direct sunlight, heavy traffic or outdoor exposure.

·         Always test protective film on a small portion of the PVC profile before general application.

·         For temporary, short-term use, only remove or replace protective film after 45 days.

·         Apply only to dry PVC profile, do not use under damp conditions.

·         This product should not be stored or attempted to be used in heat conditions over 40° or cold conditions below 10°.

·         The product should be at room temperature 24 hours prior to application.

·         For removal, try to keep the angle around 90°when pulling up the protective film.

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