The use characteristics and classification requirements of aluminum plate blue protective film

- Jun 21, 2019-

As a plastic film, the aluminum blue protective film is used continuously because it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and because it is healthy and pollution-free. In fact, there are many classifications about plastic protective film.

Aluminium blue protective film It is a plastic-based material. As it develops, it can be used as a package after printing. These protective films are generally moisture-proof and air-tight, and they are tough and fold-resistant, and are also transparent in appearance and smooth in surface. The protective film is used as a protective product to better display the shape and color of the product. To better understand the plastic protective film, we should also know the classification of the protective film. The materials have evolved from PP materials to AR materials for several years and have been accepted by a wide range of customers. If divided according to the purpose, there will generally be different protective films. For example, digital product protective film, household protective film or food preservation film and so on. Why these protective films can be used in large quantities, mainly because the protective film industry has developed rapidly with the improvement of people's living standards.

The use characteristics of aluminum plate blue protective film

It is a colorless, odorless film and it exhibits a translucent state, which is also a non-toxic insulating material. With the requirements of environmental protection, this protective film is continuously used in the packaging bag industry. It can also be used as a food bag and can also be used to protect a variety of containers. PE is an inert material, which makes printing difficult. We must process it when it is used, so that it can print better results. In general, the PE protective film should meet the requirements for a certain viscosity, so that it can be easily peeled off. When used, the protective film has good resistance and can be used for up to six months or one year. It can meet our requirements well in terms of service life. It also has excellent mechanical properties and can meet the tensile strength and elongation requirements of users.