The usage and features for PE protective film

- Apr 04, 2018-

PE protective film will protect the surface in the process of handling, installation and transportation. To a certain extent, it will be with suitable adhesive and stick on the surface well without any bubble.

    PE protective film can be used in different climate with stable adhesive strength. For long time, the film is also easy to peel off without any residue. It will not cause any damage for material.

The usage of PE protective film 

1.    Suitable adhesive strength, easy to stick on and stick off easily.

2.    The adhesive strength is stable. The change is small within 45 days before peeling off.

3.    Storage life is long. It will be ok to stock the film in the warehouse without sunshine within one year.

4.    No pollution, no corrosion. It will have no residue on the protected surface.

5.    Excellent tensile strength. The film have strong tensile strength and stable elongation.