The technical data and usage for flame retardant carpet protective film

- Apr 12, 2018-

Flame retardant carpet protective film are mainly produced by polyethylene film and pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is easy to paste and remove without any residue on the carpet surface. It can protect the carpet and its fiber well.
In order to ensure high quality, we will test the adhesive strength and tensile strength during the production. Through this way, we will keep the film with high quality and leave no residue on the carpet.
 The usage of flame retardant carpet protective film:

1. Before using flame retardant carpet protective film, we have to keep the surface of carpet clean, without any oil, powder and dust.

1. Film is one time use only. Remove and dispose of in accordance with local environmental regulations.

2. Do not use on wool or oriental carpets. Not suitable for use on rugs, worn carpets or loose fitted carpet tiles.

3. Do not leave the film on carpet for longer than 45 days.

4. The product should be stored at room temperature.