The technical characteristics for carpet protective film

- Mar 30, 2018-

According to the current application, carpet protective film are mainly used in household carpet(fiber carpet, decorative carpet.) and auto carpet. The color for carpet protective film are many, such as transparent, yellow, green, white, blue. They can also be designed according to customer requirements or the supplied sample.

The main technical characteristics of carpet protective film are as follows:

1, The adhesive testing requirement: in practice, carpet protective film should be easy to paste off from the surface and leave no residue. With bending 90 degrees, the film don't break and fall off. After tearing off the film, it should leave no residue;
2, Loading test: 70kgs loading for 48hours, the film don’t have any residue left.
3, Consistent temperature and humidity testing: under the temperature of 50 degrees and humidity of 90% for 48hours, carpet protective film will stick on the surface well. When peeling off the film, it will have no residue on the surface.

Compared with other types of protective film, carpet protective film have higher viscosity for carpet surface. The surface of carpet are different with other surfaces. The ordinary viscosity can’t stick on the fiber of carpet. So carpet protective film will be very high and good viscosity.