The steps and skills of the glass protective film

- Jul 06, 2020-

Affixing steps of glass protective film

Before applying the film, we need to clean the glass. There should be no sand or swarf on the surface, otherwise it will affect the effect of the film, and then cut the film according to the size of the glass. After the glass cleaning net is completed, it needs to be sprayed on it. A layer of water, the protective film to be attached should also be sprayed with water so that the two can be separated, and then use a film scraper to scrape off the water on the glass to trim off the excess film on the corners.

Filming techniques of glass protective film

When trimming the glass protective film, it should be noted that the size of the film should be larger than that of the glass, which is convenient for future repairs. In fact, such films are generally two layers, one layer is colored and the other layer is transparent When the protective film is attached to the glass, in order to avoid the occurrence of air bubbles at this time, it is necessary to scrape the water inside in four directions.