The solution of the air bubble in the protective film and its anti-oxidation ability

- Jul 29, 2020-

In the process of making the protective film, its materials are made of very environmentally friendly materials, which will not cause serious chemical pollution to the protected products during use. The protective film using pe and other materials to a certain extent It can prevent its secondary pollution, and it can be absorbed by the soil when it is recycled at the recycling site or directly buried.

The protective film made of such materials can be used as a plastic wrap. It is very safe and hygienic during use. It can be used with confidence, mainly because its anti-oxidation ability is very strong. It can prevent bacteria in its food from contacting with oxygen in the outside world, and maintain the original freshness to a certain extent.

In engineering and electronic product equipment, it can be said that the protective film is the most widely used place. This protective film emphasizes that its own material must be clear and durable. In addition, the cost of protective film is not high, so its price is not high. Consumers can choose to buy protective films with confidence, and will not cause economic burden.

Under normal circumstances, the proper use of its protective film can extend the life of the product to a certain extent. Even when the product is at the end of its life, the machine protected by the protective film is still the same as the new one. Some people like to think about it no longer. The products used are sold as second-hand. Then the products carefully protected by the protective film, even if they are second-hand, are still the same as the new ones, and they will certainly add a lot to the smooth sale of the products.

If there are bubbles in the protective film during the production process, we need to select the appropriate ink and improve the quality of its coating, which is particularly important for the selection of dry composite white ink, and its impact is manifold. Enhance the wettability of the glue to the film, improve the defects of local poor gluing; increase the coating amount; increase the temperature and pressure of the composite roller, use a smooth roller; reduce the composite speed to increase the wetting time and gluing time; choose good wettability And preheat the glue.