The role of wood floor protection film and paving skills

- Apr 19, 2019-

When paving the wooden floor, you need to lay a wood floor protection film, apply moisture-proof oil, and do not use wet splints and rafts. In the kitchen, toilet, etc., the floor tiles are paved with floor tiles or stone as a transition to prevent ingress and egress of moisture and reduce the moisture in the door near the door.

In daily life, it is often the case that the water is accidentally spilled on the ground. At this time, there is no need to be nervous, because as long as the amount is not large and the time is not long, it will not affect the floor, as long as it is dried in time. Generally, solid wood flooring is usually made of wood floor protection film, which is mainly used for moisture-proof and water-proof function. The general specification is 50 meters long and 100 meters long, and the width is 1 meter or 1.2 meters. It is recommended to use the joint of each wood floor protection film during installation. The transparent adhesive tape sticks it into a whole piece, which enhances the moisture-proof effect after the floor and skirting are installed.