The role of stainless steel protective film and its removal method

- Aug 12, 2020-

The purpose of the stainless steel protective film is to protect the steel plate from pollution, corrosion and scratches during production, processing, installation during decoration, and store storage, and to protect the original smooth and shiny surface, thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness. The stainless steel protective film is made of special polyethylene plastic film as the base material, a cross-linked acrylic resin as the adhesive, and processed by several special additives.

The stainless steel protective film is soft in nature, good in adhesion, easy to stick, easy to peel, peeling without residual glue. The application areas of stainless steel protective film are not only stainless steel plates, but also aluminum plates, aluminum alloy profiles, plastic steel profiles and doors and windows, aluminum composite panels, fluorocarbon panels, mirror panels, sandwich color steel plates, fireproof panels, decorative panels, plexiglass panels, PS, PE, PVC panels, sun panels, security doors, signs, coated glass, high-end furniture, high-end crafts, electrical cabinets, computer shells, automotive lamps, floors, household appliances shells, instruments and meters, and other product surfaces that need to be protected in various fields use.

Stainless steel products are very common in our daily life, so there are many kinds of stainless steel protective films for stainless steel products, but the most used and best is the pet protective film, which has a great influence in the market. There are three viscous options for stainless steel protective film, we can choose according to the needs of use.

The stainless steel protective film has a light transmittance of more than 95%, high surface hardness, weather resistance, temperature resistance, low temperature, good adsorption capacity, no clothing surface, no glue residue, giving people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, and preventing direct contact with the surface of the object , Prevent the surface from scratching, and will not produce bubbles in the coating. 

There are many ways to remove the stainless steel protective film. Acetone can be used. The amount is small and thorough. The best thing is that it can remove these residual gums very quickly and easily, which is better than sprinkling. Or wipe it with a paper towel dipped in some alcohol, and rub the stainless steel protective film a few times to clean it.

You can also use nail polish remover to remove the stainless steel protective film. The usage is the same as alcohol and acetone, and the effect is also very good. The nail polish remover does not require quality, good or ordinary ones are fine, as long as they can remove all nail polish. With hand cream, first tear off the printed products on the surface, and then squeeze some of the hand cream on it. Slowly rub it with your thumb. After rubbing for a while, you can rub off the remaining glue on the stainless steel protective film. Just slow down. Hand cream is a kind of grease and its properties are incompatible with glues.

You can also use banana water. It was originally an industrial agent used to remove paint, and it is also easy to buy. The method is the same as the alcohol acetone. Use a hot towel, scrape with a razor blade, and erase the stainless steel protective film.