The role of stainless steel protective film

- Jul 01, 2020-

The degree of protection of the stainless steel protective film for the steel plate is self-evident. Generally, the manufacturing of stainless steel sheet as the main component is an effective means to improve the production capacity of the traditional processing industry. Therefore, the use of the stainless steel protective film will protect the stainless steel more effectively. Thin sheet.

The currently used stainless steel protective film is PE black and white rubber film. Under the condition that the stainless steel protective film is unchanged, the common processing parameters of the laser machine are used to cut the protective film and the plate at one time. The commonly used stainless steel is cut at one time, and it cannot be cut in place at one time. There are obviously the following four shortcomings: ① the cut is black; ② the puncture is not smooth; ③ the slag is hanging; From the above problems, we guess that the main reason for the one-time cutting failure is that the black and white PE film used is not suitable for laser cutting.

The currently used PE black and white rubber film is not suitable for laser cutting. Under the premise of repeated processing experiments, we have also conducted a lot of research on the stainless steel protective films currently on the market, and learned that the PE black and white rubber films we currently use are not laser-specific films, and the materials of the glue and the protective film will be scattered. The energy of the laser beam leads to poor puncture and causes a series of quality problems. Therefore, the film cutting process must be increased to sacrifice production efficiency to ensure processing quality.

Therefore, our solution is to switch to a new type of stainless steel laser protective film, and then adjust the laser equipment parameters and improve the processing technology according to the characteristics of the laser special protective film.