The necessity of using Aluminum extrusion profile protective film

- Sep 26, 2018-

The aluminum-plastic profile protective film is one of the protective film products, and is also a film-like product having a certain surface protection effect. The protective film is usually made of a polyolefin plastic film as a base material and an acrylate-based polymer as a base resin of a pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is processed by a coating machine.


The true role and application of the aluminum-plastic profile protective film is a temporary protective measure to prevent scratches on the surface during the process of storage and transportation of the aluminum profile product or between the processes of substrate processing. The products are widely used for surface protection of aluminum plates, aluminum-plastic composite panels, etc., so that the products are protected from damage during transportation, storage, processing and installation.


At present, in the process of producing aluminum-plastic protective film products, the first is to select a specific formula of polyethylene as the substrate, and the polyacrylic acid (ester) resin as the main material of the pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then with several specific adhesives. It is processed by coating, slitting and packaging. In the aluminum industry, the aluminum-plastic profile protective film can effectively protect the produced aluminum material from damage during a series of processes such as handling, inventory, transportation, processing and installation. After the installation of the aluminum material is completed, the installation engineering team tears Go, so that the surface of the aluminum material is as clean as possible, and it has the decorative effect it deserves