The main purpose of automotive carpet protective film

- Apr 21, 2018-

Automotive carpet protective film is mainly used in the process of its production of polyethylene plastic film as the substrate, to a certain extent, mainly cross-linked polyacrylic resin adhesive preparation and debugging made. Adhesive milky white, soft, very special holding type, a wide range of protection for a variety of plates, the protection of the surface of different materials can choose different product model adhesion and specifications.

Automotive carpet protective film can be divided into two kinds of opaque and transparent to a certain extent. There are nine colors to choose from when it is used, such as bright blue, milky white, black and white film, gray film, milky white film, white black film, etc. , And according to customer requirements on its surface printing text and graphics, play a certain degree of product promotion.

The main purpose of automotive carpet protective film

1. In the process of production, the product can be effectively glued to the surface of various products, and to a certain extent, it can effectively play its protective role, so that it is not protected during storage, transportation and processing. Dirty and scratched. This product is suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy products, stainless steel products, plexiglass products, high-end furniture, household appliances, lacquer panels, mirror panels, alloy panels and a variety of advanced decorative panels, a variety of building materials.

2. Masking function, when the surface of the machined product is to be sprayed and deep-processed, when the surface that does not need to be sprayed is covered or painted in multiple colors, the product can be used for masking and covering, which is convenient for use and low in cost. It is ideal for you. s Choice.

Car carpet protective film is characterized by good transparency, in the process of operation will not affect the appearance of the product itself, to a certain extent, there will be better tensile properties, and is not easy to break, for a variety of substrate surface can Adhesive, and when the process is finished tearing it off, there will be no gum residue, and water-based glue will not affect the protective surface.