The main purpose and performance of the carpet protective film

- Mar 05, 2018-

Carpet protective film in the choice of the process of choice from the sticky point of view, the viscosity of its products is very high, mainly because the surface of the carpet and other ordinary products, the surface of the carpet surface fiber is not ordinary sticky of.

Carpet protective film from the glue in the selection process, the carpet protective film using its oil-based coating, mainly because of its water-based glue is unable to reach its super-sticky carpet surface from the price, the protective film of the carpet The price is higher than the price of ordinary protective film, the cost itself is higher than ordinary protective film, so the price will be higher.

Carpet protective film can also be applied to some difficult to paste the surface of the product, such as Tan paint, matte surface marble, mahogany surface products, fiber seats, the same applies.

Carpet protective film performance

Carpet protective film easy to paste, easy to remove, pressure sensitive adhesive will not adversely affect the carpet and its fibers.The product is mainly used for carpet and carpet-like decorative surfaces (such as walls), car carpet, and similar Carpet decorative surface, fiber seat surface protection. Carpet protective film can also be customized and easy manual tearing.

The main purpose of the carpet protective film

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