The main advantages of glass protective film and the use of features

- Mar 03, 2018-

The use of glass protective film in foreign countries is already very popular, and its construction utilization rate in China is still very low, as a new type of energy-saving building materials.

Glass protective film has seven major advantages

1. Insulation, insulation.

2. Safety explosion-proof.

3 anti-UV.

4. Anti-glare glare.

5. Easy to create a private space.

6. Enhance the visual effects.

7. High temperature fire.

Glass protective film use characteristics

1. Glass protective film effectively prevent glass damage caused harm to people, protect the safety of life and property.

2. Reduce the glare to add comfort.

3. Can block more than 98% of ultraviolet rays.

4. To fully enjoy the sun at the same time make the home from dazzling and ultraviolet intrusion.

5. Unique scratch-resistant coating can make the film more durable.

6. Prevent fading furniture and reduce the high cost of air conditioning.

7. Energy saving, reducing air conditioning, heating brought high electricity costs.

8. UV blocking insulation to protect indoor items fade and aging.