The important to use high quality glue and raw material for PROTECTIVE FILM

- Aug 04, 2018-

It is difficult to peel off the protective film product. When the profile product is finished and peeled off, the protective film cannot be effectively peeled off. There are two reasons for the reason. First, the sensitive adhesive used for the protective film product is not a special adhesive for the protective film. In this case, the protective film is of course very effective when applied, but it is very difficult to peel off. This is also the most common problem of protective film produced by some illegal protective film manufacturers. There is also a possibility that The material used for the protective film master tape is too soft to withstand the pulling force at the time of peeling, and breakage occurs during peeling, which is a problem that is very headache for the user.

Although the PE protective film product can be effectively peeled off, there is a protective film on the surface of the profile. This problem often occurs in some low-grade protective film products because the protective film is bonded to the protected profile. In the case of a suitable environment such as sunlight and water, a chemical cooperation occurs.