The important of PE PROTECTIVE FILM

- Aug 24, 2018-

There are many kinds of PE protective films: for example, protective film for aluminum-plastic plate, protective film for stainless steel, protective film for profile, protective film for plastic steel profile, acrylic protective film, glass protective film, electronic protective film, etc. The film specifications and processes are slightly different, but what is the true meaning of the PE protective film? Let us introduce the aluminum-plastic plate protective film as an example.

The aluminum-plastic board protective film is a layer of plastic film attached on the surface of the aluminum-plastic board. The purpose is to protect the produced aluminum-plastic board surface from damage during a series of processes such as handling, inventory, transportation, processing and installation. After the installation of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is completed, it is torn off by the installation engineering team, so that the surface of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is as clean as new and has the decorative effect.

The most fundamental difference between protective film and packaging film is that the protective film is not only attached after the product is finished, but also protects the product from damage during handling and transportation. More importantly, it is often used in the production process and participates in the processing of the product. Process (such as cutting, hemming, drilling, stamping, etc.). In the aluminum-plastic panel industry, its role in the production process is as follows: First, it is used before the aluminum-plastic panel is cut, and the aluminum-plastic panel is protected from being cut when it is cut: then it is involved in the final customer (decoration, construction engineering company) ) The entire process of processing and installation of the product to ensure that the product has no traces and no damage.

Therefore, we must not mistakenly remove the protective film on the aluminum-plastic panel because of the fun of the moment. The aluminum-plastic composite film is not something we can just move, but we should leave it to the construction workers, and then they decide it.