The features and main characteristics for Sticky mat

- Apr 27, 2018-

Sticky mat are made from high quality low density polyethylene materials and water-based adhesive. Sticky mats are widely used in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries. They are put at the entrances in the cleaning room. It will reduce the dust on the soles and wheels and keep the room clean.

In the process of design and production, the sticky mat will have numbered corner tabs for easy tracking of remaining sheets. Each sheet is easy to remove.  The adhesive on each piece will not transfer. Different tack levels is available. Different colors and sizes are also available. Sticky mat generally have 30 pieces or 60 pieces.

In general, sticky mats have good performance. It is easy to carry with few weight. It can be widely used in electricity business. Most important, It can improve the environment for our working place.