The feature and function of Protective film for Sandwich panel

- Jan 30, 2018-

Protective film for Sandwich panel can provide a protective barrier in the process of decoration, transportation and installation. It can avoid the surface to be polluted, corroded, scratched and keep the surface clean and bright. Through using the Protective film, it will improve the quality of the products and increase the competitiveness.


In order to meet different requirements, the thickness for Sandwich panel Protective film will be ranged from 0.03mm-0.1mm. When producing Protective film for Sandwich panel, you can also choose the color according to your need. The most popular color is transparent, blue, white. The adhesive strength can be divided into low, medium and high adhesive. The max width we can produce is 2100mm. The length each roll can be customized according to customer’s requirement. The Protective film for Sandwich panel can be also printed within 4 colors. Our printing film are compounded film. It will protect logo very well during the progress of usage.


With the continuous development, the application of Protective film for Sandwich panel is more and more popular. Protective film can protect the quality of the goods effectively and have higher profit. It can provide a protective barrier against scratch, spill, stains and dirt at the process of transportation, storage and process. Not only this, it can also protect the sandwich panel when bending and pressing.