The feature and adhesive strength for Profile Protective Film

- Apr 26, 2018-

Profile protective film are generally with high adhesive strength. So it can protect the surface of profile very well during installation and transportation. The protective film will not fall off in this progress.  As the adhesive strength is stable, it will be easy to peel off after usage and left no residue on it.

Profile protective film can be stored in the dry warehouse within 6 months without direct sunshine. During the storage, the adhesive strength will be the same without any change.

Adhesive strength of profile protective film
1. Low stick protective film: with stable viscosity, easy to stick on and stick off without any residue. It is generally used for mirrored stainless steel, glass, glossy aluminum panel, etc.
2. Medium stick protective film: It is stuitable for stainless steel , marble, plastic panel, PVC profile and aluminum profile,etc.
4. High stick protective film: It is suitable for mat surface ,such as mat aluminum profile, ACP, etc.

protective film 3.jpg