The efficacy and advantages of the glass film protective film

- Dec 12, 2018-

At higher temperatures in summer, the glass film protects against the intrusion of solar heat, while in winter it reduces heat loss. When the glass is broken, the pieces can be tightly adhered to the surface of the glass film protective film, maintaining the original shape, without splashing, deformation, and avoiding damage to the human body. The good quality glass film can also block glare and 99% ultraviolet rays.


At the same time, the glass film protective film also has certain decorative properties, and has many product specifications and various styles, which not only makes the home decoration style more modern and flexible, but also allows the room to have good natural light and reduce visibility. The product is low-cost, safe and environmentally friendly, and has become the best choice for personal privacy in homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, and bedrooms and bathrooms.


That is to say, the application of the glass film protective film can bring a lot of benefits, which can increase the strength of the glass, reduce personal injury and protect property, and construct an invisible protective net. Moreover, the product is economical and practical, does not fade, does not bubble, and has a long use time.