The difference between PE protective film and PET protective film

- May 04, 2020-

1. Distinguish from the material:

PE protective film is relatively soft, PET film is relatively tough, it is a protective film of two different materials

2. Distinguish from the stretch rate:

PE film has good extensibility, elongation rate ranging from 150-300%, can achieve different effects for different purposes. PET film has no extensibility, is not easily deformed, and has good hardness.

3. To distinguish from the use:

(1) PE protective film is suitable for aluminum-plastic plate, name plate, metal surface, plastic plate surface, construction and decoration materials, polyester furniture, stone, stainless steel, automotive interior, aluminum alloy, organic glass, electronics, home appliances, IT, etc. Industry product surface protection;

(2) PET protective film is suitable for TV screens, laptop screens, PDA handheld computer screens, LCD screens, PSP game console LCD screens, electronic dictionary LCD screens, mobile phones, digital cameras, camera screens, car DVD displays, GPS LCD protection and so on.

Pe protective film:

PE protective film PE, the full name is Polyethylene, is a high-molecular organic compound with simple structure, which is widely used in the world today. PE protective film is based on special polyethylene (PE) plastic film, which is divided into high density polyethylene protective film, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene according to the density.

The big advantage of PE protective film is that the protected products are not contaminated, corroded, scratched during production, processing, transportation, storage and use, and protect the original smooth and shiny surface, thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness .

The application fields of pe protective film are as follows: stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum alloy profiles, plastic steel profiles and doors and windows, aluminum plastic plates, fluorocarbon plates, mirror panels, sandwich color steel plates, fireproof panels, decorative panels, plexiglass panels, PS, PE, PVC Sunshine board (polycarbonate board), anti-theft door, signage, coated glass, high-end furniture, high-end crafts, electrical cabinets, computer housings, automotive lamps, floors, household appliance housings, instrumentation, and other products that need protection in various fields The surface can be used.

Pet protective film:

PET material has light weight, good transparency and gas barrier, non-toxic and tasteless. The liquid crystal maintenance film industry is mainly electrostatic adsorption, and does not require OCA optical adhesive. It is mainly used in industry, and also appeared in the field of various liquid crystal display maintenance films in the later period.

PET film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and good chemical resistance and oil resistance. But it is not resistant to strong alkali; it is easy to carry static electricity, and there is no proper anti-static method, so attention should be paid when packaging powdered articles.

Pe protective film and pet protective film have their own characteristics and shortcomings. Usually, when many customers choose protective film, they will choose the appropriate protective film according to the purpose. This selection method is also commonly used by everyone.