The application of protective film for sandwich panel is more and more popular

- Apr 10, 2018-

Protective film for sandwich panel can protect the surface of products effectively from pollution, corrosion, scratches in the production, processing, handling and storage. It can keep the surfaces bright and clean. Through this way, it will improve the quality of the goods and market competitiveness. The protective film for sandwich panel are produced by the material of LDPE and LLDPE.
As we choose the high-quality raw material without any recycle, the sandwich panel protective film has stable adhesive strength. It is easy to stick on and stick off without any residue. The scope of the application is wider. They are also suitable for stainless steel. Aluminum panel, plastic and PVC profiles, fire prevention board, PS, PE, PVC, PC sheet.

The introduction for the specification of Sandwich panel protective film:
The thickness of the film generally range from 0.03 mm to 0.1 mm. The width of the range is mostly within 1600 mm. The color of protective film is variety, including transparent, blue, white, black&white, red etc. The special color can be produced according to customer’s request.

In addition, the adhesive strength is divided into different levels. It has low viscosity, medium, viscosity and high viscosity. You can choose any size and color according to your detailed need.

The protective film with low viscosity is mainly used to protect gloss and smooth surface, such as mirrored stainless steel, PC board. The medium and high viscosity are generally used to protest the surface of BA stainless steel, aluminum composite panel, aluminum panel and aluminum profile and other mat surface.