The advantage of using carpet protection film

- Jan 31, 2018-


1.      Protection against spills, scratches, stains & dirt during building works, remodeling, painting, decoration, furniture removal and parties

2.      Heavy duty rip-resistant material.

3.      Quick & Simple to apply and remove.

4.      Self adhesive for secure positioning.

 Carpet Protection Tape Self Adhesive Film.jpg


1.      Before applying carpet protection film ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2.      Customers must fully evaluate the product by testing prior to using. Test carpet protection film for 48 hours on a small hidden area of hard surface to ensure compatibility with the hard surface and to ensure that there is no adhesive transfer or damage to hard surface.

3.      To apply the roll, lay it on the floor facing the direction required to cover. Push the roll forward a small distance and press down firmly to ensure the film has adhered to the hard surface.

4.      Continue to unroll, pressing down and smoothing out any air pockets, checking the film is rolled straight.