Test standard after installation of glass protective film

- Oct 14, 2020-

1. After the glass is installed, the overall light transmittance of the glass will be lower than the original light transmittance without the film, but the clarity will not be affected.

2. Professional solvents are used when the glass is installed. After the glass film is pasted, it will take a certain period of time to stick firmly. Sometimes it is invisible to the naked eye but there is still moisture remaining between the film and the glass. The drying time of the film is greatly related to the temperature and weather. Under normal circumstances, it can be used within four or five days after the construction is completed.

3. If the following situations occur, it is deemed unqualified. 1. The glue forms a mass, and impurities, hair and fibers appear between the glass film and the glass. 2. There are bubbles, water mist and oil stains in the film. 3. The membrane body is deformed, warped edges, scratches, cracks, etc. If the above situations occur, they will all be regarded as unqualified.

4. There will be a width difference of about 3mm between the edge of the glass protective film and the window frame. In order to facilitate the squeeze out of the water in the glass film, it is also necessary to ensure that the edge of the glass film is not scraped against the window frame to avoid causing The film may become scraped off.

5. The thickness of the safety film is usually 1-5mm between the edge of the film and the edge of the glass. This standard is also applicable to the multilayer composite safety film. The remaining width difference of the building is 2mm, especially the darker color film, which can reduce the light transmission from the frame.

6. Nowadays, the size of glass windows is getting bigger and bigger. A piece of glass film cannot be attached at all. Only a few pieces of film can be used to attach the glass window. At this time, the gap between the glass films becomes the key. Under normal circumstances , The width between the seams is less than or equal to 1mm, which can not leak light while ensuring beautiful appearance.https://www.pe-protectionfilm.com/