Temporary carpet protective film for easy use and surface requirements

- Feb 27, 2019-

The temporary carpet protective film is easy to adhere and easy to remove during operation. The pressure sensitive adhesive does not adversely affect the carpet and its fibers. The temporary carpet protective film is mainly used for carpets and decorative surfaces like carpet texture (such as wall). , car interior carpets, and carpet-like decorative surfaces, fiber-reinforced seating surfaces, etc.

Temporary carpet protective film carpet protective film can also be customized and easily cut by hand. Transparent, blue, milky white, black and white, etc. (printable patterns, etc.), the product has the characteristics of stable viscosity, easy to use, easy to tear and easy to stick, no residue, the products are widely used in ceramic tiles, mirrors, stainless steel plates, Aluminum plate, iron plate, galvanized plate, security door, color steel plate, sprayed aluminum profile, plastic profile film, aluminum profile, plastic aluminum door and window, plexiglass, color steel plate, curtain wall glass, plastic buckle plate, artificial marble, solid wood floor, etc. Film.

Temporary carpet protective film can be customized according to user requirements. The product is protected from pollution, corrosion, scratching, and protection of the original smooth and shiny surface during transportation, processing, storage and use, thereby improving product quality, the product has stable viscosity, easy to use, easy to tear and easy to paste. , no residue characteristics.