Technical requirements for Protective Film For Marble Stone

- Dec 24, 2018-

Marble stone protective film can not only be customized according to user's requirements, but also the color of the series of protective film products are different, such as transparent, milky white, black and white printing. The marble stone protective film is made of polyethylene plastic film as the base material, cross-linked polyacrylic resin as the adhesive, and then added with several special additives to prepare and debug.


When making marble stone protective film, the selected glue is not only environmentally friendly, but also colorless and transparent, and has the characteristics of softness and good adhesion, thus ensuring the viscosity requirement of the protective film. Among them, the viscosity can be divided into a low-viscosity protective film, a medium-viscosity protective film, and a high-viscosity protective film.


As for the specifications of the width and length of the marble stone protective film, it can be customized according to actual requirements. The product thickness range includes 0.025mm to 0.15mm, and the temperature resistance of the product should generally meet the requirements of temperature resistance of 60 ° C / 150 hours. Moreover, the elongation of the marble stone protective film is generally above 250%.