Surface properties of clear plastic film

- Nov 10, 2018-

Clear plastic film products require a beautiful appearance to suit different packaging requirements. Under normal circumstances, the surface of clear plastic film products should be smooth and smooth, no wrinkles or only a small amount of active pleats, no obvious irregularities, black spots, impurities, crystal points and stiff spots, no streaks, spots, ribs, etc. Disadvantages, no bubbles, pinholes and cracks, the aluminized layer of the aluminized film should be uniform, and no obvious bright strips, yin and yang surfaces are allowed.


Moreover, the surface of the film product should be kept clean and free from dust and other contaminants. Secondly, the width, thickness and deviation of the clear plastic film should meet the requirements, and the thickness should be uniform, the thickness deviation in the horizontal and vertical directions is small, and the deviation distribution is relatively uniform.


In addition to this, special attention should be paid to the transparency and gloss of such film products. In fact, for clear plastic films, the light transmittance is required to be higher, generally more than 92%. Plastic films should also have good gloss to ensure that the printed and composite products are bright and beautiful.