Safety and explosion-proof performance of temporary glass protective film

- Oct 11, 2018-

Temporary Glass Protection Film has the effect of heat insulation and sun protection during the process of use. The film can solve a lot of heat generated by infrared rays. The medium wave and long wave in the ultraviolet light can penetrate the thick glass and be insulated. The membrane blocks 99% of the UV rays. Prevents skin damage and reduces the aging of the car's interior.

The safety and explosion protection of the temporary glass protective film, to a certain extent, the base layer of the film is a polyester film, which has the function of being very resistant to tearing and puncture, so that it can effectively prevent the glass from being accidentally broken to a certain extent. The person caused two damages.

Temporary Glass Protection Film can effectively improve the aesthetics. To a certain extent, according to its personal preference, it can be personalized to the car and anti-glare. Keep your eyes comfortable. Reduce accidents caused by glare.