Requirement before using protective film

- Nov 02, 2020-

1. Check the cleanliness of the object when using the protective film. Many people think that just sticking the protective film is enough. It is also a picture aspect, so it is not checked whether the object is clean or not cleaned. .

In fact, this does not affect the protective film, but it will have some undesirable effects sooner or later if it is not clean. For example, the protective film is not completely closed, or some objects are perishable and damage the objects.

2. Humidity check Humidity is a big problem. The protective film is not ventilated. If the object is still wet, it will not be good inside. It is difficult for the protective film to disperse the water inside. Or the outside world is overheated and the objects inside will be "steamed."

3. Pay attention to check the quality of the protective film.